We are excited to announce Michigan Hackers’ mentorship program! We are looking for a wide range of students who are eager to start learning new languages and work on awesome projects.

Mentors and mentees will meet at Michigan Hackers’ weekly Hack Nights, Thursdays @ 7pm. There will be a Demo Day in April where you will have a fun opportunity to share what you have been working on with the rest of the mentors, mentees, and hacker community.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or want to get started with a new project please fill out the respective form below. No experience is necessary to sign up as a mentee! Beginners welcome!



The first meeting will be Thursday 1/28/16 at 7pm.

The end-of-semester Demo Day will be on Tuesday 4/12/16.

Our Events

Hack Night - Hang out with your fellow hackers on Thursday nights, and learn from each other. Hack Night usually kicks off with a short (5-10 minute) lightning talk about topics like git, lockpicking, or branding. Hack Night is a great place to work on your side projects, or check out interesting things other people have been doing. All are welcome.

Learn to Hack - Every other week we hold a beginner-level workshop on various topics (making your first website, using R to do statistical analysis, using Python to write a spam filter). Absolutely no experience required—we'd love to see you here!

Tech Talk - Learn about various topics from programming languages (D, Python, Haskell, JavaScript, Hack) and software production methods and tools (test-driven development, Docker) to elements of hacker culture (history of hacking, the NSA and you) or even how to improve your skills (Android/iOS/web workshops, coding interview tips).

Security CTF - Once a semester, we hold a capture the flag competition where you can test your skills breaking into websites, learning secrets, and more.

Hackathon - From MHacks to HackTech or Hack the North, we travel across the country (and even into Canada) for various hackathons, where you can work on a project all weekend long.

Core Meeting - Help improve Michigan Hackers by planning and organizing events, designing amazing flyers, banners, and swag, or by sharing your ideas. Have thoughts about things we could do better? Come share them!