About Us

We're a student organization at University of Michigan seeking to foster a diverse community to build and grow relevant skills in a technological and fast-paced world.

Our end goal is to provide high quality resources for any and all students to become more competent members of society (technically, socially, and professionally) with a computer science twist. While connecting students to projects, skills, faculty, companies, and more, we hope to make a large university feel smaller and forge lifelong bonds in an inclusive environment while also bridging passionate people together.

Our Events

Some events we've had in the past or are planning for the future include:

Technical Professtional Social
• Weekly Hack Nights
• Company Events
• Hackathons and travel
• Lightning Talks
• Tech Talks
• Learn to Hack Talks
• Security Capture the Flag
• Workshops
• Weekly Hack Nights
• Company Events
• Hackathons and travel
• Lightning Talks
• Resume Critiques
• Professional Headshots
• LinkedIn Workshops
• Interview Prep
• Weekly Hack Nights
• Company Events
• Hackathons and travel
• Themed Hack Nights
• Paint the Rock
• Gatherings @ Shift
• Boba Sales


Fall 2018 highlights. View in Google Drive here. You can find all of our photos here.


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Relevant Links

Look at the following links to get a feel of our culture, the organization structure, event vibes, how the different Core Teams work, how to get involved, access to free resources, and more.

😎 Mass Meeting Slides 🗣️ 👩‍💻 Core Teams 💬 📲 LinkedIn Drop 🔗 💸 CS Resources 🔑 🎬 Recordings 🎤 🖼️ Photo Archive 📚 🚨 Absence Form 😷 🤔 FAQ ❓


Feel free to ask any questions or connect with us through any of our social media platforms or email. Join our slack, check out our calendar (right above), and get our emails for the latest updates! Like our Facebook page to see event highlights, curated photos, and news :) You can find our most frequently asked questions here.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

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